Bike share planning in Holland put on hold to look for funding


A committee working to bring bike share to Holland has instead moved its focus to promoting the use of bike lanes. Sentinel File


Posted Mar 28, 2017 at 6:10 PMUpdated Mar 28, 2017 at 6:10 PM

Instead, members of the committee will promote the use of bike lanes in the city during upcoming events.

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After several committee meetings, plans for a bike share program in Holland are being put on hold while funds for the potential program are being sought.

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How ‘dockless’ bike-sharing has flooded China and what happens now

Guardian correspondent Nick Van Mead reports on the scene in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, a 30ft screen in the public bike share office, where a system is tracking more than 40 cycle rentals every couple of seconds, and close to 350,000 transactions occur every day. An hour west of Shanghai, Hangzhou is slightly larger than London, but has a sharing system five times the size. Public bike sharing is one mechanism by which the city aims to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, it has regularly ranked in the top 10 of China’s most congested cities.

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Vodafone Connects Mobike’s Bike-Sharing Scheme in Singapore

It looks like connected transportation is not going to be limited to planes, trains and automobiles, anymore. Now, it’s happening on two spoked wheels: bicycle wheels. According to a new announcement, Vodafone is providing all the managed Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for bike sharing company Mobike’s operations in Singapore, which is the company’s first outside of China.

The Vodafone connectivity will support the Mobike service including GPS navigation, which helps consumers to locate and book an available bike, and the proprietary QR code based locking system.  The GPS system is powered by a solar panel which removes the need for manual charging.